#1 Tom Wiley Talks Turkey Hunting Shotguns

Posted by Gunprime Staff on 04/18/24

Tom Wiley, a seasoned turkey hunter, talks about turkey hunting and the best weapons for the sport. Tom shares his expertise on shotguns, specifically focusing on the pros and cons of different actions such as semi-automatic, over and under, single shot, and pump. He also discusses the importance of choke tubes and recommends using TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) for better performance. Additionally, Tom suggests using a reflex sight, specifically the Zerotech Thrive HD, for improved accuracy. Tom Wiley provides valuable insights and tips on turkey hunting in this conversation, specifically focusing on turkey guns, optics, and decoys. He emphasizes the importance of selecting the right gun and choke combination for effective turkey hunting. He also discusses the benefits of using reflex sights and the advantages of camouflage guns. Tom shares personal stories and memorable hunts, highlighting the joy of hunting with his sons. He offers advanced techniques such as gobbling and using decoys strategically. Tom concludes by emphasizing the importance of safety in turkey hunting. Keywords turkey hunting, weapons, shotguns, actions, choke tubes, TSS, reflex sight, Zerotech Thrive HD, turkey hunting, turkey guns, optics, decoys, reflex sights, camouflage guns, safety Takeaways Tom Wiley is a seasoned turkey hunter with extensive experience in harvesting birds in over 20 states. When it comes to shotguns for turkey hunting, Tom recommends either a semi-automatic or an over and under action. He suggests using TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) for better performance, as it is heavier and harder than lead. For improved accuracy, Tom recommends using a reflex sight, specifically the Zerotech Thrive HD. Selecting the right gun and choke combination is crucial for successful turkey hunting. Reflex sights are recommended for turkey hunting as they allow for quick target acquisition and shooting with both eyes open. Camouflage guns are preferred over solid pattern guns as they help blend into the surroundings and avoid spooking turkeys. Decoys can be effective in attracting turkeys and diverting their attention away from hunters. Gobbling and using decoys strategically can be advanced techniques for experienced turkey hunters. Safety is paramount in turkey hunting, including being mindful of barrel direction, using voice or crow calls to communicate with other hunters, and avoiding crawling behind decoys on public land. Memorable hunts and experiences in the woods are cherished, and turkey hunting provides an opportunity for connection with nature and spirituality.